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About De La Luz

Scene from De La Luz 4.jpg

De La Luz is a story about struggle, a young family risks it all to brave the desert to build a better life in America. Growing up on the border, immigration has always been present in our lives. Our families foundations were built by immigrants who through hard work were able to achieve the dream that so many are still striving for.


We wanted to make this film to give those dreamers a voice, to acknowledge their obstacles and reasons why they have to resort to these desperate measures to feel human.


De La Luz is a collaboration between writer Julian Nunez, Director Alfonso Loya, and Cinematographer Tony Marquez. “I wrote this film in search of an answer, but only found more questions. There isn’t a simple solution, and the situation is getting worse. We are not politicians or activist, we are artists. We visualize the issues, and let you decide.” Nunez states. All three are graduates from the Creative Media Institute for Film and Digital Arts | New Mexico State University.


We have all the creative pieces in play and are currently working to partner with the public to help sponsor and fund this film. We are in the process of editing and preparing the film for the festival circuit.

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